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Meter cork


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  • Diverse selection: cork sold by the meter in various thicknesses and widths
  • High stability: 6mm thick cork sold by the meter for stressed areas
  • Flexible and adaptable: 2.5mm and 3mm cork sold by the meter
  • Sustainable and qualitative: cork sold by the meter with outstanding properties
  • Tailor-made solutions: Order the desired quantity of cork by the metre
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We also offer cork by the meter in various thicknesses and widths to suit the needs of your projects.

Diverse selection of cork by the metre

If you require greater strength and durability, we recommend our 6mm thick cork by the meter, which has a width of 48" (121.92cm). This variant is particularly suitable for heavily used areas such as business premises or fitness studios.

High stability and durability with 6mm cork sold by the meter

For projects that require less stress but still want to utilize the natural properties of cork, we also offer our 2.5mm thick cork by the metre, which also has a width of 49". This variant is ideal for DIY projects, arts and crafts or for use as insulation material. The thinner variant is more flexible and conforms more easily to uneven surfaces while still remaining sufficiently strong and durable.

Flexibility and adaptability with 2.5mm cork sold by the meter

We also offer cork by the meter with a thickness of 3mm. This variant offers an ideal balance between stability and flexibility and is suitable for a wide range of applications. The 3mm thick cork is sold by the meter in a width of 124.46cm.

Regardless of the thickness and width you choose, our cork by the meter offers all the benefits of the natural cork material. Cork is a sustainable raw material derived from the bark of the cork oak tree, making it an environmentally friendly choice. It has excellent thermal and acoustic properties and is moisture, mold and fungus resistant.

Sustainability and quality of the cork material

Our cork by the meter also gives you the flexibility to buy exactly the amount of material you need without having to purchase bulk. With a width of either 48", 48" or 49" (at 3mm thickness) you can cover larger areas without worrying about seams.

Customized solutions without compromise

Overall, our cork fabric is a great choice for anyone looking for a sustainable and versatile material that offers a natural and warm aesthetic. Whether you use it for flooring, wall coverings, insulation or crafts, you can create unique and creative projects with our cork by the metre. Order today and let your creativity run wild!

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