Camper Filz (Carpet Filz oder Wollfilz?)

Camper felt (carpet felt or wool felt?)


      Which felt for camper expansion?

      When converting a camper, the focus is on choosing the right felt material for the interior lining. The decision between carpet felt (PET felt) and wool felt depends on various factors. It's best to buy thin felt by the meter without glue and spray the felt with suitable spray adhesive.

      PET felt (polyester carpet felt), available upon request

      PET felt is a practical self-adhesive felt for campers that is easy to use and repels moisture. This felt for camper conversion is durable, has many colors and provides excellent sound insulation.

      Wool felt (high wool content)

      Wool felt, on the other hand, a natural alternative to camper felt, gives the interior a warm and inviting atmosphere. Its breathable properties ensure a pleasant climate, which is particularly advantageous when felting the camper. Wool felt can be attached with camper felt spray adhesive, providing a firm and permanent solution.

      Further decision-making aids

      When it comes to felt for camper interior construction, moisture resistance and sound and heat insulation are important. 4-way felt (PET) is better for high-traffic areas, while wool felt creates a natural feel. If you want to cover your camper with felt, you should also consider the durability and aesthetics of the material.

      Felt for campers sold by the meter offers the flexibility to customize every corner of your camper. Regardless of whether you choose beige or another color, the right choice will have a positive impact on the overall impression of your camper. For detailed felting instructions or camper gluing tips, please visit our blog.

      We offer various felt products for the expansion of motorhomes. These include self-adhesive felt and felt sold by the meter without glue to stick on yourself. These products can meet your needs.

      Discover our selection and find the perfect felt for your camper. Remember to request samples to make the best decision for your project.