Sustainability - How do we act?

For us as a felt company, sustainability is a basic philosophy that we consistently implement in all of our company divisions. Our commitment to the environment and community is reflected in many aspects of our business operations.

paper packaging material
Guiding principle: paper packaging for a green future

In line with our sustainable orientation, we already use paper packaging material in many areas. We strive to use the most suitable boxes for our products to avoid material waste and minimize resource consumption. With this conscious decision, we save packaging material and reduce the carbon footprint of our supply chains.

Local production in Germany
Guiding principle: strengthen jobs, reduce emissions

It is also important to us to make a contribution to strengthening the local economy. For this reason, we manufacture many of our products directly in Germany. Through local production, we support jobs and reduce transport costs and the associated emissions.

Recycling and upcycling
Guiding principle: give old felt new life

Conscious use of resources is very important to us.
We attach great importance to recycling and upcycling to reduce waste and extend the life of materials. We are also constantly looking for ways to find new uses for felt scraps by upcycling them and giving them a second life. With this approach, we actively contribute to reducing waste and conserving natural resources.