Welche Möbelgleiter sind für Teppichböden geeignet?

Which furniture gliders are suitable for carpets?

Which furniture gliders are suitable for carpets?

Metal furniture gliders are best suited for short-pile carpets.
Link to the matching product: Metal furniture gliders (with nail)

Why should metal gliders be used on carpet?

  1. Improved gliding properties on short-pile carpets

    The improved sliding properties of metal gliders on carpets result from the low friction between metal and carpet fibers. Compared to other gliding materials such as felt, metal gliders have a smoother surface that allows furniture to glide smoothly and effortlessly across the carpet.
    This can be particularly useful when heavy furniture needs to be moved, as the reduced friction reduces the effort involved in moving it.

  2. Protection against pressure points and abrasion

    By evenly distributing the weight of the piece of furniture on the metal gliders, the carpet is relieved and protected from permanent indentations and damage caused by abrasion.

  3. Reduction of dirt and debris

    Metal gliders prevent dirt and debris from accumulating between the gliders and the carpet, reducing abrasion (see points 2) and extending the life of the carpet.

Important NOTE

Felt gliders are unsuitable for carpets!

Felt pads can snag on carpet surfaces or get caught in the fibers, causing uneven gliding or damage to the carpet. For this reason, metal gliders are recommended as a better alternative to improve gliding properties on carpets while protecting the carpet.